City of Ice & Fire

Welcome to a young capital of quirky and colourful Icelandic style, filled with magical sights and a relaxing, laid-back vibe.

The world’s northernmost capital city, on the edge of a volcanic island, Reykjavik began life as a quiet trading post in the 17th century, and blossomed into a modern city only late in the 20th. Today it’s home to just 120,000 people – that’s over a third of Iceland’s population – who live in what is frequently ranked as one of the world’s greenest, safest, cleanest and happiest cities, naturally warmed by geothermal waters.

Toy-town coloured roofs, haunting landscapes and magical northern lights are just a few of the bewitching things to see in Reykjavik.

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Explore Icelandic culture

A visit to the National Museum of Iceland one of the best things to do in Reykjavik for a proper introduction to local history, with an imaginative permanent exhibition covering the story from Norse settlers in the 9th century to the present day.

Head to the nearby Culture House in the upmarket 101 district to admire one of Iceland’s most beautiful buildings, where you can explore softly lit rooms telling the story of the nation’s ancient origins through enchanting Edda poems and displays.

Below the ice, there’s fire. One of the most memorable things to do in Reykjavik is a visit to the natural hot springs. The most famous is the Blue Lagoon near the airport, but many locals will recommend the Laugardalslaug for its large pool and water slides. Book in advance to enjoy a long soak at the Blue Lagoon and other treats, including an in-water massage.

Reykjavik hosts a different festival almost every single month on everything from food to design to film. Every June people flock to the city for the Secret Solstice Festival, a major music festival featuring local and international performers.

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