Hi There! I am Amsterdamcityguide and I would love to tell you a bit more about my stay at the Double Tree by Hilton Amsterdam Centraal and to give you some tips for things nearby.

Our stay started with a sunny entrance to our room. I love to see how a view from our window you know so well, still feels new every single time. Of course you don’t stay inside when the first ray of sun come out in February, so we went into the city quite soon.

As for the hotel I’d recommend having breakfast from the buffet over breakfast in bed, since the buffet is a party on itself! I had breakfast with dim sum, ‘poffertjes’, miso soup and pancakes. I mean: who makes breakfast like this at home? :)Another highlight of this place is definitely the rooftop terrace. Just go here when the sun is out and enjoy the view… Although the music was on ‘party-mode’ already, we just chilled and had some sushi and GT’s.

When you are going to explore the city near Amsterdam Central Station, there are two cool walking routes you can take: the first one is (of course) into the city centre and the other one is a quite new one ‘up North’. And that is exactly the one I’ll tell you a little more about…

You start your way to the back of Central Station, where the ferries are. By the way: these are always free! Seems like a lot of people think they need to pay for the ferry going to North (Amsterdam Noord), but no! Take the ferry to Buiksloterweg. This is also the stop for the EYE Filmmuseum and A’DAM Tower.

Start your day here with a coffee at Public Space: beautiful place and perfect specialty coffee. Can’t go wrong here! Continue your walk all the way up to the NDSM Wharf, crossing the upcoming creative living area of Amsterdam. Try to find vintage interior shop ‘Neef Louis’ (Cousin Louis) and have a look around at all the art galleries at the NDSM Loods.

Ready for lunch/drinks? Just find a seat at Noorderlicht or PLEK and enjoy the mini-beach (and hopefully the sun. You never know in Amsterdam! ;)) And when you’re done in North, just take the ferry back from NDSM to Central Station. Enjoy!

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