A cocktail brought to you in London, but with roots in Italy.

You now have the pleasure of creating for yourself our Dorina cocktail, the invention of our award winning mixologist Daniele Panzanaro, at Good Godfreys, Hilton London Waldorf Astoria. This cocktail has heart warming inspiration as Daniele explains…

“Taking inspiration from my Italian grandmother (Dorina) and her famous lemon biscuits. I’ve always enjoyed cooking, and I have so many fond memories of her kitchen. So I enjoyed turning that recipe into a cocktail. Wherever you are in the world, home is where your heart is.”

To create this cocktail for yourself, you will need:
45ml Absolut Elyx
20ml Cointreau
15ml Lemon juice
22ml Hazelnut syrup
60ml Pineappe juice

Place the Absolut Elyx, Cointreau, lemon juice, hazelnut syrup and pineapple juice in a beaker with cubed ice, shake and serve. Alternatively head over to Good Godfreys where Daniele himself can make this for you, topped with an extra special addition – pineapple caviar!

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