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When someone has chosen to live in a city, they’re often more vocal about their love of it than someone who was born there. When you’ve actively chosen the place you live in, it’s because you truly feel at home. Matthew, is General Manager at Cloud23, originally from Portugal he has chosen Manchester as his home.

Where did you grow up?

Ponta do Sol, Madeira, Portugal

Why did you chose to live where you do?

Love. Love for my wife and love for my job. I met my wife on the Island of Madeira. I was living there and she was on a dance contract for 6 months. We met and fell in love. Although she lived in Manchester, she travelled to Madeira to visit me, until I eventually made the decision to move to Manchester. In my time in Madeira, I was bartending and the move to Manchester was a perfect opportunity to be with my wife and also to build my career in Hospitality and become a member of a fantastic city.

What’s your favourite thing about the city?

Definitely the People. Mancunians are very warm, kind, supportive and welcoming. Everything about Manchester is great. The football history, the music, the culture and the heritage – which is all down to the people and the community.

Where’s your favourite place to go out:

…with friends? Albert’s Schloss. A lively beer house with regular entertainment and good food.
…on a date? Australasia. Nice relaxed atmosphere. Very romantic.
…to celebrate? Cloud23 there is nowhere better perfect for celebrating any occasion.
…to relax and unwind? Hare & Hounds Inn in Werneth Low. This pub overlooks the whole of Greater Manchester and is such a relaxing, cozy place to chill and unwind

Where’s your favourite place to eat and why?

I’m a steak person, so Hawksmoor or Fazenda would be the place as they have very high quality food and the service is fantastic too. Especially Hawksmoor as they serve the best steaks ever. It is always memorable when I go to either of these restaurants. The atmosphere is amazing.

What’s your favourite food or drink memory of Manchester?

My favorite drink memory is certainly drinking champagne in Epernay for my Wife’s 30th birthday where all of her friends and family were waiting to surprise her. The drinks were great but I feel that it is the people you are with that make the occasion special and memorable.

If someone was visiting Manchester, what’s the one place you think they should go to, that will make them fall in love with the area?

Cloud 23 for sure. The panoramic views will make anyone fall in love with Manchester. You can see everything from Cloud 23 and the cocktails are good too!

What food or drink captures Manchester, and why?

Vimto, chips and gravy, meat and potato pies, mushy peas, Bury black pudding, Manchester Tart, Lancashire hotpot, Eccles cakes… They might not be the most elegant or refined of dishes, but Manchester is famous for a variety of food and drink that we’re very proud of, thank you.

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