For those who love to explore and experience a metropolis at a local level, as one of the cultural capitals of the world, Paris is for you.

To help you connect with Paris at a local level, and ‘live like a Parisian’, Hilton has partnered with BHV to create a unique tour of le Marais neighbourhood. Having lived here for many years, having met my now-fiancé here, having sworn my allegiance to this city and become a veritable explorer of the Paris landscape, I was humbled to discover there was still more to learn, see, and appreciate in one of my favourite arrondissements, le Marais.

We began the walk at the BHV, the landmark department store near l’Hôtel de Ville, and then spent the following 90 minutes being lead on a wonderful tour of the famous district.

The local guide was excellent, knowledgeable; she took us to some lesser known streets, and opened our eyes to the great street art subculture, my personal favorite was the Mario Kart by Space Invaders. I actually didn’t know there were so much street art in le Marais, but everywhere we looked we discovered more. The great thing about a tour is it gives you the space to stop and see things you have never noticed. The city definitely became more colourful.

We continued to la Rue des Rosiers, a world renowned street, famous for its Jewish culture, and amazing falafels.

Then on to la Rue des Francs Bourgeois, where most of the best brands can be found (Maje, Sandro, Chanel, etc), not to mention, one of the highlights of Parisian culture: la place des Vosges. What I didn’t know, was that it was built by Henri IV in 1605, and was a royal residence.
To this day, it still retains this dignified elegance. I love going here to have a drink, or just walk the gardens during warm afternoons.

A city stay is far more enjoyable with a little more insight, trust me, this tour is a great way to experience Paris like you’ve never seen it before!

You can book this exclusive Hilton & BHV tour here.

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