If you’re a fan of street art there’s no place better than London; the capital has one of the biggest and best collections of street art in the world. The art on display is always changing but we know some of the best places to see it.


Once home to music legend Amy Winehouse, you’re sure to see at least one artistic depiction of the musician on your walk around the area. During your trip see if you can spot a piece by street artist Bambi, described by some as the female Banksy and with her work commanding a price tag into the tens of thousands, her work is definitely worth a look.


Soho can be described as one of the most creative areas in London so it’s no surprise that it’s a great spot to see the best street art. A trip to Soho wouldn’t be complete without trying to find the seven noses of Soho by Rick Buckley which are dotted around the city. Made from plaster of Paris and modelled on the artist’s own nose, they’re a great way to see parts of the city you wouldn’t necessarily come across on your travels


Shoreditch may be a great spot to grab some vintage fashion or a bite to eat but it’s streets are also covered in amazing street art. With work from top street artists such as Banksy and Stik, you’ll be able to see all types of artistic representations, from portraits to more fantastical creations.


Since the Croydon Mural Project in 2015, murals seem to pop up in Croydon on a regular basis. From tiny pieces to artwork that covers whole buildings, you’ll be sure to see something on every wall and shop shutter. The artwork changes regularly to keep the area fresh and vibrant but you’re sure to see something by street artists such as Rich Simmons and David Hollier.


Famous for its bustling markets, Brixton is full of street art representing local heritage, music and history. If you’re a David Bowie fan, make sure to pay a visit to James Cochran’s memorial piece on Turnstall Road. While you’re there, take a walk down Electric Lane and Atlantic Road which are full of ever-changing street art.

These are just some of the best places to see amazing street art but we’re sure you’ll come across more, big or small, during your stay in London. If you’d like to take a tour of London while also discovering its street art, there’s some amazing street art tours on offer, such as the London East End and Shoreditch Street Art Walking Tour by Viator.

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