Mogliano Veneto: Where to Stay When You're Not Staying in Venice

Not just a sweet retreat from the Venetian crowds, this characterful little town has an array of travel secrets, too.

Only a 10 minute train or car journey from the world’s most famous canal city, Mogliano Veneto has its own off-the-beaten-path attractions including lovely palladian villas, a renowned medieval festival and – something of a hidden gem – its Christmas market.

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Attractions in Mogliano Veneto

When choosing what to do in Mogliano Veneto, make sure to include the former Benedictine Abbey of Santa Maria Assunta and its dazzling mosaics. The remains of the imposing stone structure, dating from the 10th century, are a reminder of the wealth and power of the medieval monastery it housed. The exquisite 14th century frescos inside depict the Passion of the Christ and the Last Judgement.

Another attraction nearby is the stately 16th century palladian Villa Emo. The beautifully proportioned buildings, now a World Heritage Site, transport you to a rarefied time of aristocratic privilege and high culture.

The exterior of the villa, with its soaring, pillared entrance, may be simple, but within lush frescos show scenes from the legend of Venus, goddess of love, and allegories praising family and domestic virtues. This is definitely one of the most atmospheric – not to mention photogenic – things to see in Mogliano Veneto.

Stay in the town in September – when Venice is at its most gorgeous – and you can catch the Medieval Festival. As part of this enduring rite, relatively untainted by tourism, locals dress in vibrant historical costume and enact centuries old rituals.

The Christmas Market, from December 1-10, is another little gem among things to do in Mogliano Veneto. The stalls in the main square selling festive fare and regional treats make for a wonderfully cheery scene.

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