London offers so much to get your teeth into. This is a city that leads the world in music, fashion, design; a city with a remarkably rich history that continues to break new ground every day. With more museums, restaurants, pubs, bars and football clubs than anywhere else in Europe. London buzzes with energy and invention.

Nowhere is that more obvious than in the city’s restaurants and food markets. The British capital now boasts a dizzying variety of different cuisines: fish and chips may have been born here in the 19th century, but it’s now just one mouth-watering option amongst many.

East London is where to head for innovation and a hugely diverse range of cuisines, from Dalston’s Turkish restaurants to the modern British eateries of Shoreditch. Soho, the heart of culinary London, is particularly good for Italian and Spanish cuisine: tapas has conquered the British capital in recent years. Head south to Borough Market for excellent restaurants that take advantage of their proximity to excellent fresh produce. Further out, there’s Tooting and Southall, both of which are known for their excellent Indian food. There are good restaurants everywhere in this city now.

A day in London is an opportunity to experience a whole world. From its welcoming pubs and historic theatres to its cutting-edge cuisine, this city is poised between a remarkable past and a thrilling future.

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